Tibor Orlai

One of the most impressive success stories in Hungarian private theatre working outside of the traditional repertory system is the one of Tibor Orlai. Originally a businessman in the medical field, he started managing and producing theater in the mid-90’s. Gradually building up his own company from traveling vaudeville shows to receiving the Critics Prize four times, he became a central force in modernizing the Hungarian theater system, with several of his productions running successfully for years. At the moment he has several productions playing nationally and internationally and he always keeps an eye on the freshest commercial and arthouse pieces to introduce to the Hungarian audience. By consciously supporting young and progressive independent theatre artists and groups he also serves as an important investor in the future of Hungarian theatre.

Orlai Tibor


Orlai Productions

The Orlai Productions have yearly more than 600 performances in Hungary, approx 50% countryside. 35 performances are on continuously. The plays of contemporary Hungarian writers (Parti Nagy Lajos, Grecsó Krisztián, Péterfy Novák Éve, Gerlóczy Márton, Tarr Béla) play also an important role in the supply of Orlai Productions. Orlai Productions in Budapest play in three venues (543 seat Belvárosi Színház, 260 seat Hatszín Theatre, 150 seat Jurányi). Orlai Productions has a constant 17 members company; most of them are very highly ranked artists.

International Theater credits include: 

  • David Hare: Amy’s World
  • Bess Wohl: Grand Horizons
  • Richard Greenberg: Three Days Of Rain
  • Dan Gordon: Terms of Endearment
  • Abe Burrows: Cactus Flower
  • Stefan Vögel: Die Niere
  • Michael Frayn: Wild Honey
  • Stepgen Sachs: Bakersfield Mist
  • Lucas Knath: Doll’s House Part 2
  • John Patrick Shanley: Doubt
  • Ingmar Bergman: Autumn Sonata
  • John Osborne: Look Back In Anger
  • Dale Wassermann: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Frederick Knott: Wait Until Dark
  • Daniel Glattauer: Wunderübung
  • Mary Orr: All About Eve
  • Édouard Louis: End of Eddy
  • Gogol : Diary of a Madman
  • Ernest Thompson: On Golden Pond
  • Ladislav Fuks – Judit Gálvölgyi: The Cremator
  • Dan Gordon: Rain Man
  • Jonathan Maitland: Deny, Deny, Deny
  • Van Zandt-Milmore: You’ve Got Hate Mail
  • Richard Bean: One Man Two Guv’nors
  • Ragni – Rado – McDermot: Hair
  • Avery Corman: Kramer vs. Kramer
  • John Murrell: Sarah
  • David Harrower: Blackbird
  • Robert James Waller – Gergely Zöldi: Bridges of Madison County
  • Paul Blake: Roman Holiday
  • Richard Baer: Mixed Emotions
  • Bill Manhoff: The Owl and the Pussycat
  • Peter Shaffer: Amadeus
  • Joe DiPietro: Over the River and through the Woods
  • Anat Gov: Happy Ending
  • Ronald Harwood: Quartet
  • Ivan Menchell: The Cemetery Club
  • Richard Alfieri: Six dance lessons in six weeks (Critics Award: Best production of 2007)
  • Eberhard Streul: The Prop Man
  • Jason Robert Brown: The Last Five Years
  • Daniel Glattauer: Gut gegen Nordwind